Solemn Mass Weekly Sheets

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To enable the Congregation to fully follow and participate in the
1130hrs Solemn Mass which is primarily in Latin,
we produce a weekly A5 size mass sheet which is distributed
to the Congregation before the Mass.

Download the current Week's Mass Sheet in .pdf format
by clicking on the links below.

As the file can be quite large due to the inclusion of graphics,
please allow time for it to load

The Mass Sheets are produced in Microsoft Publisher form but also available in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format and are available free to be modified and used by any other Church.  

If any church is interested, please contact us at:


We have also prepared and provide Music Sheets for the Congregation
to use which vary according to the Liturgical Season but
contain the Gloria, Credo, Pater Noster and Marian Antiphon plainchant settings.



This Sunday

27th February


8th Sunday
of the Year

Missa Tertia

Ad Dominum Dum Tribularer
Domine Convertere


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